Sunday, May 4, 2008

To do on Monday

I just wrote a short "to do" list for tomorrow. Two things really.

1. Cancel my Netflix subscription.

Why? You might ask. It really is a good deal--$8.95 a month for unlimited movies. For some, yes, it truly saves money. However, I have to send back the one and only movie we ordered from Netflix that has now been sitting on our television for the past two months. Sooooo...we rented one movie for $18. Not exactly a savings, and I'm not even all that good with math.

2. Cancel a subscription for a magazine that I never ordered.

I received a bill yesterday for a magazine that I never asked for. I've actually had a run in with this particular magazine in the past. They attempted to charge me for a free sample. Fortunately for me, I understand the meaning of "free". That means I don't have to pay for it. So now they believe I've actually ordered an entire subscription. And I have to take time out of my day to call their non-toll free number and cancel this subscription. Simply a pain.

On a positive note...I actually got a nap this afternoon and Husband cooked dinner! Either one would be enough to make it a good day--combine them and I'm forced to admit that I am truly spoiled!


Gina said...

My to do list is much much longer for tomorrow. For future to do, I have to ORDER two different magazines...1. National Georgraphic and 2. Newsweek. Our subscription has run out, but we are so darn broke I haven't been able to renew them.

As we speak, my husband is making homemade pizza and yes I have to admit, we are truly spoiled women :)

Dori said...

Mmm...homemade pizza! That actually falls into the "baking" category here--and that's my domain! I can make some good pizza--when I have the foresight to think a day ahead and make the dough.

Suburbia said...

That is soooo annoying when you have the inconvienience of having to phone for something you didn't want AND you have to pay for the call!!
Glad you got a nap!

Donia said...

D--your friends (don't know who they are) seem so nice...they leave such supportive comments! I'll have to try to come up with something sarcastic to counteract them. Like, wow, can't believe you never got around to watching hours of Battlestar Galactica...