Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kokoo 1 is in the air!

KLM has a nifty little flight tracker on their website. And the flight my parents are supposed to be on just showed up as departed. They are scheduled to arrive in Washington DC just before 4pm tomorrow, planning on making it to our house later on that evening.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!


Gina said...

Yea! <---spelled it right because of you :o)

So Glad that all is on schedule now. Take care Dori and have an amazing visit with your parents. I'm sure it will bring many blessings :o)

Dori said...

Thanks, Gina! I'm sure that for the next several weeks my blog will be filled with adorable pictures of the children and their grandparents!

Amy said...

Wow--so I don't read for a couple of days and it seems that you've become all discombobulated and stuff! What's up with that? Well, at least from the sounds of the posts it sounds like things have resolved themselves. Somewhat, anyway.

Well, I'm glad your parents are on their way. I'll be happy to hear when they're state-side safe and sound. I'm sure they anxious to go see their new house! FUN!! :)

Enjoy your tea. It soothes the savage beast--as well as Dori-es. I hope everything--house, relationships, everything settles down nice and peacefully for you.


Suburbia said...

That's fantastic news. I'm so pleased for you. Have a great time with them :)