Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When angels laugh...

I know where stuff is. It's a gift. Like my ability to fall asleep anywhere and sleep through just about anything. I rarely--if ever--lose my car keys. I can always find my way home...maybe not always the most efficient, or normal way...but I get there. That misplaced flip-flop? Under the laundry hamper. Wee Girl's blanket? In the laundry hamper. Lego instruction book for Anakin's Starfighter? On the floor, under the magazine, beside all of the pieces.

Earlier this evening as I was in the middle of committing dinner--skillet lasagna...from boxes were harmed in the making of tonight's supper--I opened the 'fridge, reached for the tub of ricotta and it wasn't there. I pulled every single thing out of the refrigerator. No cheese. I called in another pair of eyes. He couldn't find the ricotta either. I bought it on Saturday. He put groceries away and recalls putting it on the top shelf. Monday I was moving stuff around to make room for the Cake and some things sat out for a little while and, as far as I know, everything found its way back in to the cold. We even looked through the trash. No tub of ricotta cheese. Poof...gone. Not a clue. My gift failed me.

The Wee Girl doesn't eat...a big part of why I daubed her "Wee Girl". But she eats lasagna. Sometimes. It's a crap shoot, really. I put her plate in front of her tonight with fairly low expectations. And the child ate it. Not all of it, but certainly more than she typically eats! Her brother cleaned his plate--twice! Sean labeled it "Spagania"... spaghetti made with broken up lasagna noodles.

I'm still a little concerned about a small tub of ricotta cheese lurking around somewhere undetected, but I just invented a new hit pasta dish! Oh yeah...there were angels chuckling around our house tonight.


Soozcat said...

And thus from small and simple things are great things brought to pass. :)

I'd tell you I took the ricotta, but it would be a lie. Hope it turns up before it becomes roquefort.

Natalie said...

I too made up a pasta dish that I was worried the kiddies wouldn't eat because it was (shhh) healthy, but to my surprise and delight, they scarfed it down! Yes, there was still some squash left on their plates, but for children that would eat hotdogs during every meal if they could, I saw it as a success.

Always good to read your blog!