Monday, July 12, 2010

Bake on!

If I disappear for a few days it's because of this...Threadcakes 2010! Yes...I've been talked into entering. And by talked into...I mean the conversation went like this:

Me: Wowie...look at this!

Sean: You can do that. You should do that.

M: Really? Because they just came out with a shirt that I adore and I could totally pull it off in a cake.

S: So...go for it.

M: Okay...I will!

S: So...we get cake?


Jackie said...

LOL!!!!! MEN! Don't you just love that their motivations have to do with their stomach's?


thatladybug said...

I have a birthday in 6 months.

I love chocolate.

My favorite color is pink.

I love Monk, quilts, our rottweiler-mix and Snoopy.

Is there anything else you need to know before you start on my cake?

Soozcat said...

Go Dori go!

Feel free to send me any mistakes you might make. Mmm, delicious mistakes.