Friday, July 30, 2010

Plans and lists...

It's just a gun search...I'll won't be long...

The batphone rang at 4 am...barely disturbed the kitten slumbering soundly in the crook of my knee. But before I could return to sleep for two more precious hours my brain formed a contingency plan.

The wee girl had an appointment to meet with the pediatric rheumatologist this morning--at the hour away Highly Respected Medical Research University. If the pre-dawn call morphed into more then I would be taking her and her brother on my own. But if I left a half hour earlier than planned I could take the short detour on the way and let Jacob spend the morning with either his aunt or his Babu (grandpa)...if it was the latter, then I would have added an hour. Still doable. With a plan formed my brain shut down and I was able to go back to sleep.

For once it was just a simple call and the alternate planning was unnecessary. But it was there. There's always a Plan B....C and D.

Oh...and the wee girl's doctor? He was most impressed with her improvement. The naproxen seems to be doing its job and she's more active than ever! Which also means--no Methotrexate. For now.


Soozcat said...

Oh, VERY glad to hear Wee Girl is responding well to treatment.

My hat's off to you... I wouldn't make a good LEO wife. Not good at working out instant contingency plans, esp. in the pre-dawn hours.

Jackie said...

Really glad the Naproxen is helping with the RA!! The fact that she's improving on that is very impressive and encouraging!


marit said...

Glad to hear the meds are kicking in!!
I think the whole contingency plan thing is also a mom thing. I do it all the time, even with my hubby having a "boring" steady job. Oh wait, it must also have to do with Tristan hemophilia, I have to have alternative plans when he has a bleed or some other unexpected thing comes along.
Meanwhile, it's become "my" thing to think and plan ahead while husband tends to live in the moment.

thatladybug said...

I so glad to hear there's an improvement in her condition.