Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On survival...

Interesting bit in the news today...Doomsday shelters making a comeback.

I'd rather spend my money on living today. If surviving the end of the world means living underground? Meh.

As far as being prepared for a disaster--man made or natural--we have a weeks worth of food and water for all of us (animals included) and fuel for lanterns and a cookstove. I'm slowly working on increasing that with our own preserved foods and nifty items like these. If we're hit with anything big enough that we're going to need longer than that? The population would have dissipated enough that we can start foraging. We're close enough to farm land...there'll be abandoned animals, cows that need milking, food for harvesting. Forests and hills to disappear into.

Yeah, I know...a lot of people dismiss me as a crunchy liberal. But if and when it all goes to hell? My family may not make it--but it won't be because we starved.

Considering whom I'm married to...zombies won't be a problem either.


Soozcat said...

Always good to have a zombie apocalypse backup plan! You never know when you might have to fight off the shambling undead.

When I was a kid, and all my teachers were helpfully telling us that doomsday would occur before we were adults, I figured that if a nuke were to be dropped anywhere I'd want it to be squarely on my head. The thought of living with radiation sickness didn't fill me with glee. Still doesn't, for that matter.

Dori said...

I'm hoping we go the way of S.M Stirling...or something along those lines. No nukes. Just back to pre-industrial times. My useless steampunk crap might just come in handy! :) I'm one of the few girls who knows how to make a fire with two sticks...that's gotta be worth something.