Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's a light...

I think I'm seeing a light at the end of this tunnel of sickness that's plagued us the past two weeks. Jacob went back to school today (after kicking my butt in Candyland for two days straight! I swear that boy cheats.) Sean went back to work yesterday. And Kyleigh chased the dog around the house with her baby stroller. Yep. They're all on the mend.

Saw the doctor today for Kyleigh's two year well baby visit. Once again my girl wowed her doctor with her development and vocabulary. Once again she weighed in tiny and petite. Once again the doctor told me not to fret over her being underweight (now measuring in the 5th percentile). Once again I asked the doctor how long had she known me because apparently we just met...of course I'm going to fret. And open up the floor for advice on how to go about getting a picky eater to actually, well, eat.


Meadowlark said...

Re: Picky eater
Never had one. I'm useless.

I suggest multi-vitamins and let her eat whatever. There's supposed to be some sort of weird kid-karma that says they'll eat when they're ready. (obvious that I never had a picky eater, isn't it)

WOuld this be a bad time to share a refrain from Rocky Horror Picture Show?

There's a light
Over at the Frankenstein place

There's a light
Burning in the fireplace

There's a light, light
In the darkness of everybody's life

Yeah, thought as much.
Peace, chica.

Dori said...

Of course that was the song going through my head when I typed...because I'm a weirdo.

And, yeah, she'll eat when she's hungry--but only a small limited group of food. And never what we put on her plate.

Tina said...

Evan doesn't eat the greatest either, well or rather he is picky. He really doesnt like junk food. I have so had to try and not worry. I do give him a multivitamin. Perhaps for my peace of mind rather than out of neccesity. idk.

I think we will ALWAYS worry about something as parents. Where your worry lies with the eating and is happy about the vocabulary, mine lies with comprehension and communication. I have a VERY stongwilled child and believe thats all it is but nonethless is having babynet come do an evaluation in a few days.

Momma Val said...

Glad you are all back to feeling more human. Cop dad has a really sore throat and we are keeping our distance from him. Last night we passed in the kitchen and kissed and both jumped and shrieked in horror and then I had to scrub my lips with dish soap. Not normally a germ freak but with baby on the way, well you know.

Hmmmmmm, Little Buddy is picky but eats very thoroughly what he does like. I can tell you two tricks that work for us. One: Cut snacks out almost entirely and then they snarf. Not that it works for all kids but my friend is letting her boy eat cereals and fruits all day long and then he refuses to eat real food at mealtime. Then I watched him and do not do that and he chowed on whatever Little Buddy ate at mealtime. Two: wait til they ask to eat and then the eating is better too. Then there's that cookbook that so many moms swear by called Deceptively Delicious maybe your library has it or try Anyway, we are on the opposite end with a boy that is freakishly large in every way, 95% percentile and everyone thinks he's 5 with a "special problem." Has it's own set of concerns too :) HTH

Natalie said...

SO glad you're all getting over the sickies!

My youngest is about due for her well child check-up, but both of the kiddies are usually in the 90-something percentile for height and 70 something for weight. I can relate to Momma Val.

Yeah, we breed freaks and yet my oldest is getting pickier and pickier with his eating. He's just so solid it looks like I'm doing a great job! ;)