Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday evening thoughts...

I'm mulling over the past week in my head. Determining what parts I can get away with discussing here. Odds are pretty slim my mother-in-law will never stumble across this, but I still need to be mindful of my words. I can say that no one got their feelings hurt this week...or at least not to the degree where they were looking for earlier flights out...again. We'll call that progress.

She and her sister also stayed at a hotel this time around...we were already full up with Sean's brother and 2-year-old nephew. I'm sure the extra space helped with the tolerance. That and the fact that last trip I was dealing with a 2-month-old, a meltdown prone 2-year-old and a husband who was either not home or sleeping. Yeah...I didn't have a whole lot left in the way of tolerance or patience.

And so...our wild and wacky week ends with two cases of pink eye and one sick husband. But I still have chocolate cake left. And a quiet house.


Momma Val said...

Oh, sounds like this was better managed than visits in the past? Amen. Love when that happens. Not sure how many years and how much frustration it took with my MIL but things are a bit better over here in that department as well (knock on wood). It can make such a difference I know :) Hooray! Now go eat some cake! lol
And read this:
Therapeutic if you need a good MIL laugh or to feel better about yours :)

Meadowlark said...

Since nobody would know me here at your place, let me tell you a quick story:

When I first met MIL (before Husband was back from overseas, and I had our 11 month old with us) she acted friendly but when he arrived and we talked about flying back to my home state I suggested Husband fly with BabyGirl since I was pregnant with YoungSon and had recently flown 18 hours back from Okinawa with her. When I mentioned it she said (and I quote) "You have no motherly instinct. How could you let her fly without you. Who would change her diaper?" Um........... I was floored and had no idea she was serious.

The point of this story... well, it COULD be worse! :)

(we've seen each other 4 times in 24 years. That seems JUST ABOUT RIGHT)

Hang in there chica!

Elise said...

Again, good for you for getting through the week so well, no matter what the reasons. It's an accomplishment to be proud of. Now, go and enjoy the chocolate cake ;-)

Dori said...

Meadowlark...(sigh and shaking my head)...what have I told you about bringing perspective into this?

If one were to read between the lines one would perceive that it has, indeed, been worse. This trip just left me baffled more than anything else. Never been called an incompetent mom--just an inconsiderate, unfeeling daughter-in-law. Whatever.

And the cake is still yummy--so's the lemon pie.

Val, I'll have to check out the line later this evening when I have time to sit and read.

LOUDnPROUD♥MĂ“KneeKah said...

LOL love it,gotta keep it on the down low you never know whos watching ;)
quiet house chocolate cake ENJOY!

Natalie said...

We just went through pink eye in our house too! It actually kept us from getting other, more uncomfortable sickies, but hubs had it worse because he wouldn't stop rubbing his eye! It eventually spread into the other one, and when he finally figured out to stop touching his face, it went away before it got to me, but I've always been a big hand-washer (with the dry hands to prove it).

As for incompetent mothering, anytime I leave the kiddies with the hubs, his mom comes right over so they (meaning the kids and hubby) don't feel neglected. Yeah, between the lines reading!

P.S. Thanks for the links MommaVal! I have some MIL issues that I'd love to relate with others about!