Monday, October 19, 2009

Bon Jovi apron...check
John Prine serenading...check
Power tools...check

Oh,'s a good day to bake birthday cakes!


LOUDnPROUD said...

Power tool actually sounds like something I would have to use to get the cake out of the pan when it was done baking the way I bake!
sounds like your going to have a fun day,and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your cake recipient!!

mrsofficer said...

Sounds likea fantastic day to me!! :)would love to see the ending product

Dori said...

Status report...cakes are baked--all were liberated from pans without incident), sort of assembled and waiting final decorations and assembly tomorrow. So far so good!

The party isn't until Wednesday evening--but I have to get stuff done when I have minutes free! Pictures to follow--promise!

mrsofficer said...

i love it when they come outta the pan like they are suppose too haha!I will be looking forward to the pics!Itook a cake dcorating class when I was preggers with my first.And my mom was a decorator for awhile.Im not as good as her but I do love making the occassional cake for the kids or frieds:)