Friday, October 30, 2009

Holy Smokes! Another M!

Attending pre-k has been nothing but a positive experience for Jacob. He. Loves. It. And he's learning--and excited about learning. He's recognizing more and more words each day. Yesterday he typed out his name on the computer...and this afternoon he blew me away when he wrote his name on a card. He's all about letter recognition and wanting to know what that spells and what does that spell...and that? What does that spell?

Earlier Jacob was showing me all of the candy he received at the school's pumpkin party today and there was a bag of mini m&m's...something he really doesn't get a lot of. Not real big on candy around here. But I went ahead and let him enjoy them. And he notices that one of the candies has the letter "m" on it. And another. Then all of the sudden...Holy Smokes! Another "m"!

Holy smokes! I love that kid.

There's a church down the street that holds "Trunk or Treat" every year. It's a lot of and enjoyable. Jango Fett and Kitty were ready to go.

I'm a sucker for pictures of my children walking with their dad. There's just something about the image that gets to me...little hands held safe and secure in a large protective one. Makes my heart thump.

Kokoo (my mom) came in and spent the afternoon and evening with us. It's a delight to have them on this side of the ocean for a while...getting to share moments like this. And I get to enjoy the evening and take pictures. Kyleigh was unsure of all of the strangers but she quickly warmed to the idea of treats filling her bucket.

The pictures simply do not do justice to how cute and adorable this cat costume was. I may have to subject my children to a dreaded photo shoot just to get decent pictures on them in their costumes.

Neither of them fought an early bedtime this evening. It's been a long week...month. Sean is working off duty tonight, planning on being home by 2 or 3 but these things rarely work out the way we plan. That's okay. Because we have nothing planned for tomorrow. No one has school to rush off to. No appointments. No obligations to be anywhere or do anything. The local children's museum has a Halloween thing in the late afternoon/early evening. We may go. We may not. I'm content to not have a plan. Right now? I do have a plan...and it involves a book, my bed and an early night for myself.


Brigid said...

You are so VERY VERY blessed. "Another M!".

You just made a lousy week wonderful!

Dori said...

Brigid..blessed beyond measure and merit! Of course, I have to remind myself of that on mornings like this when everyone wakes up cranky and clingy.

Delighted we could help out with the week!