Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Unexpected delights...

A tree has grown along our back fence.  I recently discovered it covered in mulberries.  Various stages of ripeness...kiddos and I enjoyed a few this afternoon. 

A patch of irises previous owners had planted have stubbornly refused to bloom the past couple of years.  This year, they changed their mind...

The inchworms were ruthless this year. By far and above the worst I've ever seen.  Our front azalea bushes were devoured before we could even enjoy the brillent springtime blooms.  Other tender plants were also consumed...the miniature pests left a path of leafless, flowerless plants in their wake.  Imagine my surprise to find the wandering rose in full bloom!

And the benefits of an open compost pit... guerrilla pumpkin plants!  Wonderful rich soil, already shielded from the raccoons and various other critters who have been known to view our veggie patch as an all you can eat buffet.  Once the fruit starts to grow I may just attach little hammock for them on the fence...a little vertical garden.  And start a new compost pit elsewhere. 

Unexpected delights, indeed!

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