Friday, May 31, 2013

Conversation just now...

Back loving, enabling yet supportive husband gave me a gift card for my birthday.  A gift card to a local (highly recommended) tattoo and piercing establishment to get my nose repierced.  I finally find myself with time to use it and have an appointment with the piercer person on Saturday.  We also recently discovered a local brewery of tasty beverages exists, tucked away on our end of town that we've been wanted to go by and tour for ourselves.

Him:  If your appointment is for 12:30 tomorrow the kiddos and I can drop you off then go find the brewery and see if they'll refill my growler.

Me:  Right.  So the plan is...drop Mama off at the tattoo parlor to get her nose pierced and Daddy takes the kiddos to the brewery.  Excellent.  Make it so.

Him:  Or, we could just all hang out with you, help you pick out jewelry and then all go to the brewery together.

Me:  Oh...and the wee girl can look through pictures and find fairy princess tattoos that we'll tell her she can't have.  Perfect! It'll be like our own warped family field trip.  I like it!

Needless to say, our Saturday plans are still a little up in the air.

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