Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The one on Balance.

Today I...

Cleaned out my classroom and packed up personal items, toys and books I didn't want to be out for summer camp kiddos to use.  I'll be moving rooms in September.  My third year teaching at the preschool and my third room move.  Consistency is good.

Frosted two dozen mini cupcakes for our last Cub Scout pack meeting of the school year.  It was a delightful cookout and award ceremony at one of the local parks.  I've got quite a few arrowheads to sew on the boy's uniform before he starts day camp in two weeks!

Cooked up a large batch of white play dough for himself to use as training aides for he and his fellow bomb techs.  And then spent time explaining to the wee girl that daddy wanted it white and coloring it purple wouldn't quite have the effect he was going for.  She would have to take that argument up with him.

Created a pair of delicate pink ballet slippers out of gumpaste for a cake order this weekend.

There are days it seems more like a tight rope act, but today was not one of those days. Balanced but without the wobbly bits.

*This was supposed to post yesterday (Monday) but didn't because the internet gods were not pleased.  Today I played on the playground with 14 kiddos ages 2-5 all morning.  Then came home and hung out with my own two and baked a most delicious chocolate cake for a co-workers birthday/going away party tomorrow.  Some people don't enjoy their jobs, they merely bide their time and collect a paycheck. I am not one of those people.

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Anita said...

You summed it up very nicely, Dori-how you enjoy your job. It is evident all throughout the post. EnJoy your summer!