Thursday, May 17, 2012

When I'm not here...

Current Happy Places* on the world wide webs...

Cabin Porn...the night I found this site I shared it with my husband and we spent the next couple of hours going back through it and oohing, ahhing and sighing covetous sighs.

Text From Dog...I have no idea how I stumbled upon this one, but he updates it daily...multiple times some days...and it never, ever fails to make me snort beverage out of my nose.

Happy Opu...I've been informed that Jewel Straite and I are not allowed to hang out together.  I should be offended by that edict...but my liver and my marriage probably both thank me for listening.

My Drunk Kitchen...when I first found her I watched probably six episodes in a row.  And had tears rolling down my face.  She gets pretty raunchy as she gets more and more drunk, so I wouldn't recommend watching it at work or with kiddos in the room.  But she's hilariously talented!

Last, but not least...the amazing Bloggess.  I adore her.  I want to meet her and hug her neck.  Her posts get read out loud on a regular basis.  The world needs more people like her.

*This is not an encouragement to waste spend more time on the interwebz...please act responsibly and, if you must, interact with your family once in a while.

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Julia said...

Ah, fun places to visit - so glad you shared. :)