Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If we don't remember...

There's a Memorial Day parade and to-do at the Boy's school tomorrow.  They are all encouraged to wear red, white, and blue. Since he doesn't own any shirt like that I let him borrow one of mine.

I took up the hem of one of my EOD Wounded Warrior shirts.  A man's small still hangs down to his skinned up knees.  Jacob was admiring the eagle, the stars and the stripes on the front.  His dad and I were explaining where the shirt was from and why it was appropriate for Memorial Day.

He's fully aware of what the day symbolizes and why we have it on our calendar.  We've talked to him about friends we've lost in the wars and the countless others we didn't have the privilege to know.

Jacob is starting to realize that his dad's chosen profession isn't just about "locking up the bad guys" and helping people and supper time call outs.  6 years old is far too young to realize that your dad might not come home from work one day.  But in true old-soul fashion, he accepts it and carries on with his life.

Coming into this weekend, just take a moment and remember all of the ones who didn't come home.  And especially remember the families they left behind. A sweet friend of mine used the term "permanently deployed"...and that's exactly what it is.  Her oldest daughter was 4 when she found out her dad wasn't coming home.  Memorial Day is for them.  A day set aside to remember.  And then carry on.  Because that's what survivors do.

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Julia said...

What a beautiful reminder, Dori. So many people think of Memorial Day as the start of summer, when it is truly a day to remember those for whom there are no more summers...

My dad and 2 of my brothers served in the military. My dad was in the AF and dragged us kids all over the world, often leaving my mother alone for a year at a time to raise the kids. I still feel his sacrifice and we have made sure that Little Q understands that the sacrifices we make for his dad to do what he does is our opportunity for service to our country too.