Friday, May 18, 2012


I used to be really good at this On My Own thing.  Now? I should not be left alone without adult supervision.

Himself ended up being called out earlier this afternoon to what has evolved into an epic call out.  I'm sure he'll have words on it later.

Kiddos and I are on our own.  They helped me finish up a cake for tomorrow.  The boy and I wrapped a present for his of two birthday parties tomorrow.  (Both at the same time. Different sides of town.  One vehicle.  Fortunately, the mom of the boy's friend is a-MAZ-ing and told me just to drop him off.  Neither will she be stressed if I'm late picking him up.)

Then they start asking about supper.  Why? Why do they always want dinner? Every night.  Normally when it's just us three we go with Breakfast for Supper.  But I depleted my egg supply making tomorrow's cake.  Pizza delivery it was!  Online ordering...something he always does.

I typed our address in wrong.  Damn dyslexia. Good thing the other address doesn't exist.  And my phone number was correct.

Toy Story 2, pizza picnic in the living room.  That's how we roll around here when no one's around to tell us what to do.

And no one worried about Daddy.  While I may not be the Grown Up in this relationship, I don't project my fears on my children.  They will remain in their secure bubble of innocence for as long as I can keep them in there.

Me? I'll clean up the kitchen. Get my children to bed.  Then enjoy quiet time with either a movie or a book until my husband comes home.  Because we never, ever doubt that he wants to come home to us.

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