Sunday, November 7, 2010


Despite an unusually long week, I had a fun project as well...

A dear friend's son turns 5 this week but his birthday party was last night. Last year at his party--after devouring the police car cake I'd made for him--he, very solemnly, informed me that he would like a firetruck cake the next year, "please, Miss Dori."

A year later he was still asking for the same thing, how could I deny him?

And I must admit...I think this is my favorite one so far. Certainly the most challenging--far more so than the Millennium Falcon! But it was fun and delightful and the birthday boy loved it!

Last year, this cake would have been the end of the "birthday season" around here--at least as far as my cake making goes. But there's another one this year...a very special little guy turns a year old in a few weeks! He's getting a duck cake...still working on the plans for that one. Don't worry...there'll be pictures, because if ever we had a reason to celebrate--this birthday is it!


randompawses said...

Has anyone told you lately that you're one talented lady? Love the cake!!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! How cool!
You creatrix of Joy, you:)
Love love love!