Saturday, November 13, 2010

Car talk...

The other night driving out to our free dinner at Chili's the following conversation took place...

Jacob: What sort of creatures live in those woods?

Me: What sort do you think?

Kyleigh: Wolves!

J: (long suffering sigh) No...wolves don't live in these woods, Kyleigh! There are only sticks and trees.

M: Really? What about zombies?

J: (again with the sigh and eyeroll) Mommy. Zombies are bigger than sticks.

M: Maybe they're smart zombies and they're camouflaged.

J: Even camouflaged zombies would be bigger than a stick.

M: What about fairy zombies? Can fairies turn into zombies?

J: Mommy. Fairies are just stories.

Sean (finally chiming in): I can't believe you're arguing zombie ecology with a 5-year-old.

M: What? Who else will argue with me about zombies? Honestly. It's like you don't always think these things through.

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