Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh, for the love of...

I keep thinking things are going to slow down, get back to normal...and then I realize that this is normal and I need to get used to it. But there are some days when I want to repeat my daughter's petulant, foot stomping retort when I tell her to get a grip:

But I don't wan' to get a gwip.

I hear ya, Toots. I hear ya.

Parent/teacher conferences were last week. It is also the week when Sean was out teaching at the range. No flexibility in that schedule. None. So...our meeting with Jacob's teacher? 7 am Wednesday morning. Honestly? It was relaxed and unrushed. Students don't arrive until 7:20 so we were able to talk about more than we probably would have had we managed a meeting during regular hours. I think we all came away from the meeting reassured that our high-spirited, old soul, brilliant child was in good hands. She is very much aware of who he is and the challenges we all have ahead of us. For his part, Jacob remains delighted with school. He doesn't see himself as different from his peers and the special attention he receives is taken in stride.

The plague has descended on our little household in waves...first the Boy, then the Daddy both suffered from a nasty stomach/intestinal bug...then the Girl and I both came down with colds. Her's includes the bonus ear infection. I have far, far too much to do on any given day to be down and out with a cold. But yesterday I gave in to it and she and I spent a fair portion of our day snuggled on the couch with the kitties watching movies. We all need days like that. My afternoon today included a much needed nap because the Most Wonderful Man came home early. Just so I could nap. How did I get so lucky?

Side note...months ago when we were told that Kyleigh would be on medication pretty much for the rest of her life, our prayer was that she would take it without protestation. And she does. And we're extremely grateful. However, during last night's and this morning's battle to get her to take her antibiotics, it was brought to our attention that maybe we should have made a slightly broader request. We should have prayed that she take all of her medication without the drama and protests. Is there any greater force on earth than a stubborn 3-year-old? I think not.

And lastly, since "seeing the future" is not one of my Gifts, prior to falling victim to the Plague I volunteered to make baked goodies for the preschool's bake sale this Saturday. No take backs. But I recently came across a really yummy and simple recipe that I want to try out...I'll share, I promise!

Right. Whining time is over. Sinus meds and bed are next on my schedule. Besides, the laptop battery is red-lining...and I have neither the will nor the motivation to get up and go fetch the power cord.

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Christina LMT said...

Oh dear!

I hope you both feel better ASAP!

Snuggling on the couch watching movies sounds heavenly to me...