Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This explains a lot...

The national switch from analog to digital television signal was supposed to go down today. Congress voted to push the switch back to June due to a messed up system (coupons expiring, running out of money for coupons, running out of boxes, etc...) with the converter boxes and little old ladies who still may not have them and therefor would be unable to watch The Price Is Right this morning. I know--it was far more in depth than that...supposedly. But, honestly, the plan has been in the works for years--February 2009 has been on the books since at least 2003! Apparently the only group the signal conversion snuck up on was the one actually in charge of manufacturing the conversion boxes.


Thus ends my pointless rant.


MeadowLark said...

You and I both know the only reason they extended the deadline is because they can't "Control the masses" without the numbing idiot box.

Just my useless two cents.

mrs. fuzz said...

With the way our economy is and everything else that's going on, it really seems sill to me to make such a fuss about this tv situation, and pour all kinds of money into this, but what can you do?