Saturday, March 23, 2013 pictures...

The day began with putting the finishing touches on 
a sweet purple and pink princess cake 
and delivering it to the birthday girl...

Then we made our way to another birthday party... definitely not a princess party! The birthday boy loves reptiles and his mom found a woman who brings an amazing collection to your house.  Jacob amazed everyone with his immense and impressive knowledge of everything they brought out.  She sat this Tango Lizard (non-venomous) down in front of him and he jumped back thinking it was a Gila Monster (venomous).  They had an albino boa constrictor who was getting over a respiratory issue and ended up sneezing all over a few of them.  I learned something new.  Snakes sneeze.  


Our day ended with the cub scout's annual Pine Wood Derby Race...
the tension and competition was intense!

The boy wanted to make a Star Wars' car, but wanted something unique.  He decided on a Naboo Royal Starship.  His is #11.  It didn't win anything, but he was pretty proud of himself and his accomplishment!

This long, crazy day is done.  

Tomorrow is carved out as a day of rest.  
And we are looking forward to it!

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