Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Breaking point...

If we could go back, reset time, begin this year over...I would.  But retain my memories so I would know how to deal with situations better, how to avoid the dodgy bits all together and how to come through it all still Whole.

I broke down in tears this morning when someone I barely know innocently asked me how I was doing.  I don't have a road map for what lies ahead.  It's all uncharted.  I know for certain there be monsters.  But we've battled monsters before.

I also know for certain that I/We are not alone this time.  We are incredibly blessed with an amazing support group of friends and family.  And quitting isn't an option.

Broken by Battle
Wounded by War
My love is forever
This to you, I swore.
I will quiet your silent screams
Help heal your shattered soul.
Until once again, my love,
You are Whole.
~Ashley Lambert-Wise