Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jinglin' in December!

Our most recent family tradition of participating in the annual National Arthritis Foundation's Jingle Bell 5k continued this morning!  We had an amazing turnout.  Fifteen team members and of the eight runners, four placed with medals!  

Arthritis is personal with our little family.  The wee girl has dealt with it for three years now...we just found out that not only is her body no longer responding to the anti-inflammatory medication, but more joints are being effected as well.  Her dad lives daily with arthritis pain in every single joint in his body.  There is no cure.  I find that unacceptable.  I was raised by school of "if you're not willing to do anything about it, then don't complain" we do something about it.

(picture courtesy of my wonderful big sister...
who I will never be able to keep up with on a run!)

This year our little team managed to raise $760 for arthritis research!  We also had the largest team we've had in the three years we've been doing this.  To say that I was/am overwhelmed by the amount of support from near and far would be a massive understatement.  

The boy was determined to run the 5k with me this year.  He did well...he didn't run the whole way, but he finished!  I'm so proud of him.  

Having a dad who was more than willing to don a Santa suit and join in the festiveness of the event was the extra dollop of whip cream on top!  (And, yes, there were a fair number of little ones who thought he was the Santa.) This was the first year my parents were able to participate in the race...Kyleigh was delighted to have her very own Santa escort for the mile walk!  After the race we all sat back, thankful for the warmth of indoors, and enjoyed being together as a family.

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