Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Takes a beating...

So...yesterday we had a storm blow through.  A short storm.  No more than 20 minutes or so.  And a tornado.  And 80 mph winds.  And hail.

Once again, our little home got off lucky.  Our neighbors? Not so much.  Their massive oak tree took down our power line, but missed their house and everyone else's.  Our power was restored within 24 hours.  Internet finally came back up this evening.

And my husband? He went out for a run and got caught in the middle of it.  I may, or may not have been a wee bit hysterical by the time he staggered in the back door...dripping, beat up but up right.

New house rule:  Check weather forecast before heading for a run.


Julia said...

Oh. My. Good house rule!

Dori said...

House rule #1 is, of course, "Don't be dead". So really, this is more of an amendment to that one. :)