Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The Boy's birthday falls on a week day this year.  His dad is working.  All of his cousins will be out of town.  His grandparents will be out of town.


He's been planning his party since before we even cleaned up after last year's.

I sat down and talked the whole situation out with him this morning.  Explaining why a big party is kinda out of the question.

I could actually see his little heart breaking.

I told him he could pick where he wanted to go eat for his birthday and that we'd have a family party on July 4th when the whole family will be back together (minus the eldest cousin who is off performing with Spirit of Atlanta this summer...yeah, he's that awesome.)

But will I still get presents?

Yes, sweetheart.  Not only will you still get presents--but you will get two days of presents!

So can we go to Cracker Barrel?

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Julia said...

We had a birthday when Little Q was turning 4 where everyone canceled due to illness at the last minute. Pizza was ordered, decorations were up, little heart was broken. It took a weekend trip to Cabelas to pick out an outdoorsy toy to fix things. He still remembers! :(