Thursday, May 26, 2011

I train for days like this...

Wee girlie has been dealing with a head cold all week.  The child also flat out refuses to use the toilet for its intended purposes and the growing pile of soiled clothing is enough to send me to the Depths of Despair (don't ever try to leave!)  Oh, she knows what to do.  She just refuses to Do It.

The Boy is feeling neglected.  Since my daughter began eschewing naps, mine and his time together diminished.  I've been doing some volunteer pr work for the pre-school and the new k-8 extension school and had promised I'd have a brochure work up in by today.  So even though the girl did nap today (after I tossed her royal hinnyness in bed with her dad--the one who called in Dead this morning--and they snoozed together), I used that time to finish up the brochure.  But he and I still had time to play a couple of games, so don't feel too sorry for him!

So, yeah, about the sick ones.  Both of them house a disease that attacks their bodies through their immune systems.  A disease without a cure.  Solution? Kyleigh gets by with Naproxen for now.  For my husband, an auto-immune suppressant.  Shiny side? He can function and live a normal life.  Or at least as close to normal as we get.  Not-so-shiny side?  The man pretty much lays out a welcome mat for any and every bug out there.   In the line-up today, he's battling a nasty head cold and shingles.  Yes, I said shingles.  Hence, the calling in Dead.

But tonight, laundry is in the dryer so we can start tomorrow with a fresh pile of undies for the girlie.  The boy's favorite lunch is made and ready for the Star Wars lunch box in the morning.  Toys that were flung to the far corners of the house in multiple meltdown moments have all been retrieved and stowed.  Tomorrow will come soon enough and we get to do it all over again!

I've often thought that mommyhood is not for the faint of heart.  Now I know it's for the hard core, nut job endurance athlete.



Oh Dori! Hugs and warm thoughts and I'd be over to do your wash and drink tea with you if we weren't half a country apart. Make yourself some tea for me, drink up, and take a long rest. I'm sending happy thoughts your way. :)

randompawses said...

Shingles? Aw, jeez, your poor hubby! Never had 'em, never want 'em, but I'm given to understand they're all sorts of miserable! Hopefully your doc got him on an antiviral in time to keep the outbreak down to manageable levels, and something to decrease chances of permanent nerve damage? (Dad got put on Gabapentin for his shingles for 3 months, or he'd be in bad shape.)