Sunday, May 15, 2011

Apparently mud baths are good for you...and about that "crazy" gene...

Rugged Maniac 2011
We came.  We saw.  We kicked its butt!


5K run through the woods and around a motor cross track...with a metric butt tonne of obstacles along the way (I lost count of how many walls I went up and over and how many mud pits I "swam" through, as well as the swinging tires, branches tied down at chest level, and the barb wire we army crawled under) least an extra ten pounds of caked on mud...a huge water slide at the end and a leap over fire to finish...

"After"...yeah, not so shiny!

I may not have run the entire course (bad back, you know) but I made it over, under and through every single obstacle!  I know we made it through in about 45 minutes.  I'll be interested to see the final times once they're posted.  And see the pro pictures from the day!


It's all her fault.  My crazy "big" sister is the one who double dog dared me to join their team.  A team made up mostly of middle school teachers (I just can't imagine any one of my former teachers doing this on the weekends!) Okay, so it was more of an invite than a dare.  She smoked me on the course, but waited for me at the water slide and we finished together.  In some ways, we really haven't come too far from playing in the mud together when we were kids!

Mud caked shoes and socks replaced by beloved flip flops.  Relaxing and enjoying good music, great company, swapping war stories and showing off scrapes and bruises!  And already talking about next year's race.  

*Both group shots are from my sister...the other is the one I sent from my phone to prove to my adoring and supportive husband that we had not only survived but that we Conquered!

Official time: goal was to complete it in under an hour.  I'll take it!  And, no, I will not be taking my husband's well meaning yet snarky advice on race attire next year.  But he is more than welcome to join us and he can wear the boots and cammies!



That looks like a fun time! You are definitely tougher than me!

Captain Tightpants said...

Next year you get to do it in boots and cammies :D

Though I promise no one will yell at you or make you get in the cold ocean afterwards!

mrs. fuzz said...

Whoo hoo! I love the mud picture. One of these days I will do a marathon of some sort. . . :)

Anita said...

I've missed reading about your adventures. :)

Been very busy carpooling and attending my kids' spring sports that are almost over. Yeah!

Fun event - Congratulations!

Donia said...

what fun we had! thanks for joining all the crazy 8th grade teachers :) and boots and way!