Sunday, May 8, 2011

Handed down from my mother...a Mother's Day encore...

Spunky, Fiesty and Smart trump Submissive, Docile and Ignorant any day

Size does not matter if one is mighty in one's soul

Sometimes a road block really does simply mean
that's not the road you're supposed to take

When God closes a door, he always opens a window

Never pogo stick on gravel

Play...a lot

Sewing doesn't make one domestic--it makes one useful also helps keep family members from getting lost.

Making meatballs for your daughter--even though you really do not
enjoy the task--makes your daughter feel pretty darn special when she walks
in the door for lunch and sees meatballs.

Being your child's biggest supporter and fiercest defender
is a pretty Big Thing in parenting

Never waste an opportunity to celebrate

Birthdays are Very Important Days

Allow your child to make mistakes--even if they're super dooper big ones

Love unconditionally

Reveal your own mistakes and weaknesses

Show fear

Show courage in the face of that fear

Go about the impossible with fierce tenacity

Enjoy the moment when the impossible has been made possible

Goals and dreams are attainable--without sacrificing family

Take care of yourself--inside and out

Follow your heart

Follow your own rhythm

"Bloom where you're planted"

Be impulsive

Have Faith

Be faithful.

Thanks, Mama...I am, indeed, a blessed daughter.
Happy Mother's Day!


mrs. fuzz said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! Those are definitely some wise words to live by. Especially the "never pogo stick on gravel". I wish my mother taught me that. :)

Anita said...

I was all into what you were so poetically expressing; feeling sentimental...until I saw those plaid outfits on the Easter picture. And then I lost it with a big LOL!

Love those shags (hairstyles) too. :) Partridge Family comes to mind.