Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An open letter to Spring...

Dear Spring,

I love you.  I adore you.  You bring sunny days and things my tropical being craves.  Each year I look forward to your arrival with great antici--pation.  My happy thoughts are filled with the knowledge that I will be able to go out and frolic without pairing socks with my Earth shoes.  My lily white legs will be exposed to Sunshine and Warmth.    

But, have got to lay off on the pollen... 

(I hosed her down yesterday afternoon!)

The double whammy of Oak and Maple have me under house arrest.  There's not an allergy medication out there that leaves me free to move about the great outdoors while still maintaining some level of functionality as a human being. 

Now looking forward to Summer.

Your's truly,



My honeybees saw the picture. They want to move in with you.

Dori said...

Your bees are welcome anytime! Our neighbor there across the street used to keep bees but when he died and his son bought the house they didn't keep the hives. I miss them. And I miss his honey!