Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finishing touches...

A house with character is a wonderful thing...and something this abode is not lacking.  Whomever it was that finished the upstairs apparently left his (or her) level in the truck on construction day.  We have chosen to embrace that.  Resistance was futile anyway.  

While transforming the upstairs area into a space for the kiddos, I wanted to do something that tied the rooms together.  

Another mural? Nope.  Give them something they can color and draw on themselves? Score!

And a magnetic chalkboard? Double score.  A royal pain in the posterior to apply, but totally worth it!

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ourladybeth♥ said...

Hey! First visit since the new look began. Love it. Yeah, it's been a while. Bad friend. Boo.

I admire and love you and the law man for how interactive everything is in your family. It's a beautiful thing.