Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just another level of Crazy...

Never in a bazillion years would I have thought that I'd be sitting here typing out the statement "I am a Runner". Never, ever, ever. I am. I am a Runner. And it's a heady thing.

Here are my goals for the next year:

Oct. 23rd...5k "Run for the Grapes"
Nov. (Thanksgiving Day)...10k Turkey Trot (two hours east of here in our old neighborhood)
Dec. 4th...5K Jingle Bell Run (the goal that started it all!)
March 2011...local 10K
Sept. 2011 (Labor Day weekend)...Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. Yes...that says Half in 13 miles.

Of course, there will probably be a smattering of other 5k races thrown know, just for fun.

I was (jokingly) informed by Himself earlier that I had his full support up to a full marathon. Why? Because he has yet to run that far all at once. That just means he'll have to run it with me.


Soozcat said...

I've never run that far. Even when I was in far better shape, I couldn't run a mile without stopping to huff and puff and trot along... nothing resembling a run. Anyone who can do more than that has my respect.

Elise said...

maybe i could tentatively call myself a dancer? Does going to solo latin classes once a week count?
The thing that triggered my dance resolution was moving around at my cousins wedding (i don't want to call that dancing) and realizing I really truly do want to dance at my sisters wedding (in India, in february! how cool is that!)
Have fun with the running!!