Friday, August 20, 2010

Schooling Abbot and Costello...

Kiddos and I inflicted ourselves upon the grocery store this morning and were all delighted with the store's new big kid carts--not a car cart but double seats with harness straps. Only issue was that while they were strapped in they were this close to each other. Fun.

Jacob took the opportunity to teach his sister the fine skill of the Knock-Knock joke...

Jacob: Knock, Knock!

Kyleigh: Knock, knock!

J: No, Kyleigh. You say, "Who's there?"

K: Winnie Pooh!

J: No! I say, "Knock, knock" and then you say, "Who's there?"

K: Knock, knock!

J: Kyleigh! You don't say "Knock, knock"! I do! Okay?

K: Okay, Dabi!

J: Knock, knock!

K: Knock, knock!

J: Ky-Leigh!

I finally stopped laughing long enough to intervene...explained to the very patient big brother that maybe his sister wasn't quite ready for the intricate nuances of the Knock, Knock joke.