Friday, August 27, 2010

Forgot something...

Since I was dropping off paperwork at the school this morning anyway, I packed a bag full of snacks and water and loaded up Jacob's bike so we could stick around and play. He really hasn't had a lot of success with the bike on our uneven grass out back. But a parking lot? The incline wasn't even a challenge!

My apologies regarding the quality of the some point this week my camera dropped and refused to work. Striking it harshly on the table returned it to Functioning but, alas, I fear it will never be the same. If you listen closely you can hear his little sister cheering him on! And I said it was a long week...not necessarily a sucky one.

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SAge said...

You know, I find that striking electronic devices that refuse to work on tables is a splendid way to restore them. It is something I practice daily (the remote to the TV never wants to work....) :)