Friday, August 27, 2010

Bits and pieces from a long week...

Early mornings, late nights, longness in between...

Right now I'm being highly entertained by a kitten and her catnip mouse...and Lethal Weapon*..."there are no real heros anymore". Anticipating a quiet weekend even though he's working.

Our final race of the season is in three weeks...I still have a lot to do and very little motivation to do it with.

Our bat has decided to stick around. He's fascinating to watch throughout the day. And watch fly off each night. When he left this evening, I opened the window and hosed down the screen. Hopefully he'll still be able to find his way home in the morning without the strong pee smell.

Kyleigh is enrolled in a playgroup for the fall. Same school that Jacob went to for pre-K last year. Yesterday the director called and let me know that if I wanted to move her from two days a week to three days a week, there was room and the tuition would stay the same. Once again, I know this is where we belong. I didn't immediately jump on it simply because this is my baby girl and she'll be the one starting kindergarten before I can blink again. But we'll go ahead and take the offer. There are my three training days. Three mornings for me to sit and write. Three mornings to just be.

But I have to survive until then.

*Always a good one to update the Evil Overlord checklist mano-e-mano fight at the end, no messing around with torture, no devolving the grand know, basic stuff.

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