Thursday, May 6, 2010


For the first time in...well, I think since the inception of our home improvement "To Do" list...we crossed off a project without adding another one! I didn't think that was possible. For the longest time it seemed like for every item crossed off, three more were added. Very discouraging! I suppose that's the reality of owning an old house. munchkins have doors on their closet! They have the coolest dad. Ever. And the 4-year-old informed us that he can now, finally, sleep with his eyes closed. Not sure how he's been sleeping for the past four years!

Yesterday was an odd sort of day. I'm making a birthday cake for a friend's daughter in next week. The soon to be 3-year-old requested a purple butterfly. I have a plan but I wanted to do a practice cake just to make sure it would all work...larger pan, different cooking technique and a new recipe for icing. So, yesterday, in between baking breaks I was going outside to put a fresh coat of paint on the closet doors. Apparently I really need to bake cakes more often--my children were really struggling with the concept of there being cake without being anyone's birthday!

Cake turned out perfect...the icing needs work, either that or I messed up the recipe somehow. Always a possibility. And the doors look fantastic.

I did want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers regarding all of us and our wee girl. I know I've only shared a little bit here and there and while I don't have any issues talking to people about it--the blog is really a little too public for some things some times. And since the end of February (when most of this started) we've just been really busy--busiest time of my year for work, Sean's been out of town a lot and then busy with work stuff. There really hasn't been room to worry! We've basically been in survival mode for the past four months!

I recently had a conversation with an old friend who asked me if I still had my Harley. He was dismayed when I told him I sold it three years ago when I was pregnant with Kyleigh. He said he couldn't be without a bike--it was therapy for him. I explained that I once felt the same way, but now--oddly enough--I no longer have the time nor the luxury to whine about needed therapy! all of that...we have had people stepping up and helping out and just being amazing. We're so blessed with friends and family who have dropped everything to be here when we needed them! My dad made the two hour round trip a couple of times in order to pick Jacob up from school and hang out with him so Sean and I could both go to Kyleigh's various doctor's appointments. Our pastor got up in the pre-dawn hours in order to meet Kyleigh and I at the hospital the morning of her biopsy...just so I wouldn't have to wait alone. The school has allowed Jacob to hang out in their extended hours program--free of charge--on the few days we've had no other options. We have been totally and truly blessed throughout.

Today marked a couple of important milestones in our year...the pool was pulled out of the shed, filled, scrubbed clean and enjoyed by all. Even with shivering and lips turning blue, two munchkins had to be coaxed out of the water with bribes of snacks and juice! But the coolest bit? The fresh, just picked out of our garden baby arugula on my hamburger tonight. Delicious! I'm very much looking forward to a hamburger in a couple months with not just fresh lettuce, but fresh tomatoes and homemade pickles.


Soozcat said...

Your life is rich, truly.

Best to all, smooches to your girl's knee and hugs to you.

marit said...

Smile :-)