Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If it's Tuesday...

Structure and Routine returned this morning. Sean was up and out in early dark time for a day of training and both kiddos were back in school...can Kyleigh's one morning a week playgroup really be called "school"? There were many productive things I could have done with those sacred three hours of Dori Time--most of them work or laundry related. I choose, instead, to spend them in the hospital holding a precious little baby and talking to his parents.

Brandon's parents wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support. They have been receiving emails from people they've never met--people from all over the country and globe who heard about Brandon either through here, other bloggers like Kris who posted his story as well, facebook or who knows how these things travel. For those interested in updates I added a link to Brandon's own website over on the sidebar.

I want to thank everyone as well. I knew you wouldn't disappoint.


MONICA-LnP said...

Thank you Dori for being such a great friend and sharing with us. I went over to Brandons page,he is so tiny and precious and reading his story made my heart ache.
I am glad to read he is getting better.Keeping those Prayers and good thoughts going for everyone.

Cop Mama said...

I went over to Brandon's page too. What a precious little doll. It made me get tears in my eyes. God Bless he and his parents.

You are so kind to spend time with Brandon and his parents. I pray he gets better soon.

Natalie said...

Thanks so much for this update! I eagerly look forward to seeing how he's doing. I'm still praying for his little body to fully recover.

Good for you in knowing just what your soul needed to do with your Dori Time.