Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just another bullet point...

On the Resume...the Job Description...whatever we choose to call that which we do...The Wife:

Watching His Back

I'm there. First line of defense. Cup holder in a bar fight. Call Screener. Barrier for zealous toddlers anxious to cut short an already short day's sleep. Ridder of door-to-door missionaries (okay, in that instance I was more protecting
them and not so much him). Author of Flow Charts for family gatherings. Character Witness. Defender in Cyberspace.

He may be the one wearing the (non-bullet proof) ballistic vest and tricked out utility belt...but I'm the Wife. And I don't have all of the messy paperwork to fill out...

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mrs. fuzz said...

This is great. I like thinking of it this way.

Oh and poor missionaries. :) It's like telemarketers. they don't know that the angry person chewing them out has maybe had 1 visit too many. Were they JW's?

copswife said...


Dori said...

Why, yes, Mrs. Fuzz...they were. :D Many years ago and several states away from here, but somehow they must have all gotten the message and we haven't been bothered since!

OrdinaryLife said...

I love this job description! I would add "holder of the duty belt by the door as he makes a mad dash through the house to get everything before he has to start his shift." A little wordy, but I am the next best thing to a coat tree!
I remember one time when Mormon missionaries came to the house my husband lived in during college. It was about 10am and he was drunk (hey, it was college). He let them in, offered them a beer, and proceeded to discuss religious history with them (of which he is very knowledgable - but remember, he was DRUNK). All while wearing a pair of boxer shorts...and nothing else. No one ever came back after that!


How about - The one who worries but doesn't show it when he leaves the house at 3 am in a raid vest?

I've worked years to perfect that particular skill so my 8 year old doesn't know anything is wrong. :)

Loved this post!

And Ordinary Life - Living in the Mormon Mecca, they don't ever seem to get the message here. It isn't a good week if the Mormons haven't been by. LOL

Natalie said...


I'd also have to add that not only are you the defender in cyberspace, but to non-leos as well.

And as a Mormon, we're not all annoying or over zealous. Just some are (but I guess that's in every religion)

Dori said...

I should do LE oriented posts more often!

Yes...I've worked hard on perfecting "that face"...the "all is good, Daddy isn't in danger, we're a normal family" face. One day they're going to see through it. Hopefully no time soon.

Natalie, anyone that dedicated to their religion--riding a bicycle in a suit in August in these parts--has earned the right to be zealous!

Soozcat said...

Both of my brothers and one of my sisters were Mormon missionaries. So was my dad. But the one thing they all had in common was the ability to read and understand the words "No Soliciting," and recognize that it applied to them.

There are, unfortunately, missionaries of all stripes (including our own) with some reading comprehension problems.

aj said...

Awsome!!! Here Here!!!