Sunday, September 30, 2012

Let me sum up...

Since I don't even know what I last wrote about I figured some sort of update was required.  Even if for little more than a space holder.

Our brilliant and highly active boy child is finding himself even less challenged in 2nd grade than he was in 1st.  Either that or he's being given less wiggle room to read or draw or write his stories once he's completed an assignment.  This is leading to Issues.  Issues that, we hope, are starting to be addressed by various parties.  I've learned over the past two years that sometimes we are our child's only advocate.

On top of classroom behavior issues, he's also dealing with one boy who refuses to leave him alone.  He's talked to his teacher.  He's asked me for a little more time to try and resolve the issue himself.  My son knows me.  He knows that it doesn't take much for me to go all Mama Lion on whomever is bullying my cub.  I assured him that I would let him go through the proper channels...he's taken it upon himself to set up an appointment to speak with the guidance councilor.  I know her and I trust her to listen and to take the appropriate steps and to know when to let me get involved.  I can't even begin to express how proud I am of this small little human I'm blessed to call my son.

It seems like every time our little household starts to settle into a rhythm, something comes along and knocks us out of sync again.  Like some dysfunctional jazz medley.

The wee girl's birthday is rapidly approaching.  I think I've finally nailed her down on a party idea.  And explain to her that, no, she cannot invite everyone in her class.  That should be a fun conversation.

Now to carve out precious time to prepare as well as finish her doll house in time.

Both kiddos have actually remained pretty decisive regarding their Halloween costumes.  That's a miracle in it's self.  Typically I'm scrounging and sewing the night before.  Pinkalicious and Wolfman will be prowling the streets of our neighborhood come Halloween night.

My own job continues to be delightfully challenging.  I continue to be baffled by this perfectly fitting niche I've found myself in.  The fur beasties are slowly adapting to being left alone every morning.  Actually, I think the cats just sleep through it and only notice I was gone once I come home.

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