Monday, September 3, 2012

Brain dump...

Tomorrow is the boy's first day of 2nd grade.  When the hell did he get old enough to be in 2nd grade?!    He's beyond excited.  Mostly about the fact that he now gets to play on the Big Playground and that he actually has a new backpack this year.  But mostly the playground thing.

I start my workweek at the preschool.  I've been The Mommy for seven years.  The stay-at-home mommy for the past five.  Even though we've been a part of the preschool since the boy started pre-k there and I've subbed in classes, volunteered for all sorts of things, dreamed up and instigated their Annual Field Day and even assisted in the toddler room a few days a week last spring...I'm a little nervous.

Re-entering the Working World is a massive step.  Massive.

My co-workers are fantastic. I'm excited to be a part of the preschool.  I'm excited to spend my mornings helping a new crop of wee ones learn and explore their world.

But then there's all of the Stuff I used to get done during my mornings that now needs to be done at some other time.  Squished in and around all of the other Stuff that I do during the afternoon.  I realize that working moms have been dealing with the "not enough hours in the day" dilemma for forever, but I haven't.  We'll find our rhythm.  It just might take a week or two.  We all dance to a different drummer in this household. It might take a little longer...

No idea when I'm going to fit in runs and work outs.


We're all going to have to find it.

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Julia said...

You are so motivated & organized that I am sure you will get it figured out way ahead of when you think you will!