Friday, September 7, 2012

Conversations "normal" families don't have...

Me: "Um...what the holy weird stuff is that in the sink?"

Him:  "Bits I salvaged from the cannon balls..."

Me:  "And why are there cannon ball bits in our sink?"

Him:  "So I can clean them up and shellack them before they corrode anymore."

Me:  "Of course.  Because that's what our decor had been missing."

Obviously I had him explain what all of the bits were and the differences in a couple of them.  It's not every day one gets to see the inside of a cannon ball.  And, you know, still live.

7-year-old ears picked up that conversation from all the way across the house...

"We have a cannon ball?!"


"Can we play with it?"

Oddly enough, they've been back in school for an entire week and we haven't had one single phone call from the school.

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