Monday, February 13, 2012


I located all wayward library books...both public and school...before late fees and nasty librarian notes find their way into school folders!

Sent the wee girlie off to preschool with her class valentine's day cards (hand made...well, printed and hand cut).  Also remembered to include next year's scholarship application and this month's tuition!

Finally took my poor phone in to be looked at--fully expecting the worse.  But half an hour on line with tech support, one hard reset later and my feisty little R2D2 Droid is back on line!  I was also assured by same tech support that if I continue having the same issues, they will be able to replace my phone with another R2D2.  Is it wrong to want to hug a complete stranger? Or to be that attached to my phone? Is my geek showing again?

Just to prove I'm not a complete responsible grown up--I giggled when I read a headline on today's science news, "Alien Life May Not Survive on Planets With Uranus Like Tilts".  First...I totally left out the "l" in "tilts" and thought, "gosh, that'd be unfortunate..." Then my inner 7-year-old started in with a full stream of Uranus jokes.


Suburbia said...

Love it!

Julia said...

Do you ever wonder if editors actually even read headlines for news articles anymore these days? I sure run into a lot, especially online, that leave me giggling. Or perplexed. Or both.

Meadowlark said...

I think you have uranus on the brain.
snicker snicker