Friday, February 24, 2012

Movie night...

I'll leave the technical details of Act of Valor to himself...but go see it.  It will be time well spent--emotionally draining, but certainly a movie everyone should watch.  Our movie dates are few and far between.  I typically choose my movies as brief escape from reality--not to be slapped in the face and heart with it.  But I'm still glad we saw it and that we went together.

Other thoughts...

There should be a law against Nicolas Sparks books being made into movies.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter...Oh. Mn. Gee.  I cannot wait for that movie to come out!

Someone decided it was a good idea to remake 21 Jumpstreet.  Why? Even Channing Tatum can't save that train wreck.  I loved the original--cheese and all.  From the previews, they're trying too hard to make it a Super Troopers version.

And the final preview was for The Raven with John Cusack.  That one will be an other date night!

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Handcuffed Heart said...

We just saw this movie last night and it was a great choice for us. I saw most of those previews, too.... I think it was 20 minutes of previews. Yuck.