Thursday, November 10, 2011

Those crazy genes again...

Not too long ago (shush, dear're still older), 
I was a four-year-old with long flowing locks...

(somewhere near the Grand Canyon)

I was even known to wear a crown every now and then...

(Ocracoke Ferry)

Then one day we learned we were moving to Africa.    
Apparently it's Hot there and long hair just would not do.

 (Rockin' our jumpsuits and taking in the sights of London...Parliament, Big Ben)

Of course, it was my sister's idea and, since she was The Coolest Person I knew, 
I had to follow along.  

 Years later...I too have a daughter with long flowing locks of hair...

Two ponytails...rarely will she let me get away with just one.

She was quiet and occupied this afternoon.  I thought she was coloring.  
Imagine my surprise when I walked into the kitchen and discovered a trail of hair...

She did attempt to pin the blame on her brother.  Except he had an airtight alibi.  
We were in the other room killing zombies.

My first thought was to simply trim it up a little.  Then I got a better look at the damage.  Loaded everyone up in the Jeep and headed for Super Cuts.  Because Daddy's working tonight.  Of course.  

It's obvious a hacked hair cut isn't about to diminish the Cute or the Adorable.  There were no tears...we made the entire trip into an adventure.  Besides...I kinda like it.  Short hair will certainly be simpler to deal with on this wild and crazy twirly girly! 

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Christina LMT said...

Heheheheh...when Silver was about 6 and her sisters 3-ish, she sat very still one day doing her homework at the dining table, and did not object in the slightest as her sisters took up their safety scissors and hacked away at her hair...*sigh*

I think it took her three years to grow it out to its previous length!