Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shaken...not stirred.

I know it's practically meaningless to inhabitants of the west coast, but this side of the country got a little shaken up this afternoon!

We're about 30 some miles from where the epicenter of the quake was and it took me a few seconds to register that, no, a big truck did not just drive by.  5.8 on the richter scale...the largest earthquake ever recorded in the state.  And the strongest I've ever felt (spending years on a volcano and on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, tremors were normal).  Local news casters are in heaven!

Kiddos were upstairs playing and when I went to call them down two gray streaks flashed by me as the cats made a dash for the safety of their basement sanctuary.  I thought they were supposed to be able to sense these things before hand? The four of us--me, two munchkins and a big black dog who was "protecting" us--huddled together at the bottom of the stairs and I kept them laughing until the earth settled back down.  My eldest declared the earthquake The Coolest Thing Ever.  His younger sister, on the other hand, added it to her list of Things She Doesn't Like.

Lots of noise, lots of glass rattling but nothing broken and everything remained on shelves and on walls.  I supposed toddler proofing ones home works for earthquakes as well.  Not surprising really.  Toddlers should be classified as Forces of Nature, after all.

Apparently there was an aftershock this evening.  But it occurred right around our nightly clean up/teeth brushing/bath time drama routine.  Not sure we would have felt it even if it had been as strong as before.

Oh, and hey...there's a hurricane coming in for a visit this weekend as well.  And, yes, I went to the grocery store and purchased two gallons of milk and two loaves of bread. Good thing whole wheat bread isn't considered a Staple here in the south--I'd have hated to throw down in the bread isle on this now historic day.

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Soozcat said...

I'm glad you're all OK. Be safe as Irene comes through!