Thursday, August 11, 2011

New things...

We decided it was way past time to introduce our kiddos to the joys of tent camping.  We also decided to ease them in to it at one of our favorite local state parks.  

The family enjoyed some time swimming in the lake before thunder and lightening had the park ranger evacuating the beach area.  But there was plenty of time before the thunderstorm hit for us to cook supper on the campfire...but not enough time for s'mores.

One wee girlie does not like thunderstorms, thankyouverymuch.  And riding one out in a tiny little tent? She was not pleased.  The little man, on the other hand, distracted himself just fine.

As always, the thunderstorms moved on and the sky cleared.  There was still time and daylight left for exploring.  Don't worry...the tent is bigger on the inside. 

Everyone managed to sleep...some more than others.  Apparently my son inherited my super power (I can sleep anywhere, any time).  Even Bella T. Doggie had a quiet night...not a growl, not a whimper nor a whine--even with all of the other animal noises around us.  Bears were off in the distance as well as other animals I couldn't identify.  

Morning came early.  Water was heated for coffee.  Fluffy buttermilk pancakes on the ancient whisperlite stove.  Camp was packed up, campfire doused and we all went exploring.  A half mile hike was just about all little legs had in them that morning.  But there was still plenty to see and inspect!

While Daddy and the doggie watched from shore the kiddos and I explored the lake in a canoe.  Everyone was doing great until we came back around the bend and Kyleigh spotted her dad.  Then she insisted she had to be out of the boat right then and there!  Once she was safely deposited back on dry land her brother and I paddled to the other end of the lake.  It was nice to do something with just him.  It brought back memories of his first two and a half years when it was just he and I alone on all of our adventures.  

The trip ended with a little more swimming, a picnic lunch and everyone snoozing for the trip back home.  While it was fun and definitely repeatable, we're a long ways away from backwoods camping!  We also decided that investing in a slightly larger tent might be a good idea.


mrs. fuzz said...

Hilarious. We've had a similar experience taking all the kids. We got a 6 person tent and it's not big enough! The worst was in the middle of the night it was freezing and raining and everyone was asleep except for me. Our tent leaked and it was dripping, or gushing, right above me. My sleeping bag was wet, and I was on a slant. Pure hell! But I love camping and I love that the kids love it. Better luck next time, right?

Alice said...

l'm gonna give camping another chance...

here is the new place where l am...

luv 'alice' fff