Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy day revisit...

I posted this a couple years ago, still one of my favorites...


This list was more difficult. Due more to an inability to put concepts into words than for brevity. And it has only been in recent years that I've come to realize the magnitude of gifts handed down from my dad...

It's never wrong to stand up for what you believe in--even in the face of adversity

Poetry is actually pretty cool

An unquenchable desire to know Stuff and to know how Stuff works

More importantly--how to put Stuff back together once
I've taken it apart in a quest for knowledge

Even girls need to know how to change a tire and change the oil.

Whenever possible, use the proper tool for the job--even if it means you have to go out and purchase that one specific tool you need. Everybody will be happier for it.

Be inventive

Learn from every experience...builds character!

If you're going to learn something, learn it well. Practice often.

Easy on the clutch

Motorcycles are, indeed, Amazing Things

Use the front and rear brakes together

Love animals

It's never too late to learn new things

Read. Read. Read.

Computers are Useful Tools--know how to use one!

The written word can be a very powerful tool--use carefully and judiciously.

Choose your battles

It's never too late to broaden one's mind

Be strong

Be independent


Love out loud

Treat each day as an amazing gift

Love you, Daddy! Happy Father's Day!

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