Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday season...

A dear friend's daughter turns 3 this week...and she's in love with horses.  
So they had pony rides at the party!

My own kiddos were say the least!

Of course, I made the cowgirl cake with a white horse to match her party plates...

A purple princess cake started off the original birthday crew...I get a little teary every time I put a higher number on one of their cakes.  Both of them very girly...but always fun to create such vastly different cakes.

Not too long ago someone asked me a question regarding how I advertise.  She was a little taken back when I told her I didn't.  Every single new cake order I get is through word of mouth.  And really? That's the best advertising I can get! Cheap and highly effective.  I'm as busy with this as I'm comfortable being and I love what I do!  Who could ask for more than that?

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Both cakes are so beautiful and very different from one another. No wonder you get plenty of customers without advertising - just gorgeous work!