Friday, March 18, 2011

Cancer sucks.

For the second time this year (and third time in two years) I lost a friend to cancer. And that is three too many.

I first met Warren eleven years ago. He had a standing weekly gig at the pub I worked at in the town we lived in before here. Rarely in my life have I met a person so true to himself, his faith, his family and his music. The example he was of living a Godly life whilst walking the path less traveled, during a time when I was struggling to find my own footing, will stay with me forever.

Heaven's chorus is currently being schooled on polka and Jimmy Buffet. Rest well, my friend...we'll miss you, but we're all so very grateful you're no longer in pain.


randompawses said...

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry! Losing one friend to *any* disease is bad enough, but three in two years is awful!

Anita said...

My husband's best friend passed away a few weeks ago...also cancer; 55 years old. We'll miss him, as you will miss your friend. I'm sorry and pray blessings for all who loved him.

I sense his wonderful personality in his music, which will live on. :)