Saturday, June 12, 2010

fluids and fluidity...

Wee girl woke up this morning and declared that not only was she going to use the potty, she was going to wear underwear! Very well.

I moved her potty into the kitchen, put her in a pair of cotton training pants and tried to keep her contained in the playroom and kitchen--the only areas in the house that do not have wood floors.

Meanwhile, I occupied myself in the kitchen...sorting and re-organizing cabinets. Remember the ceiling fan incident?

Fill in the old screw holes, touch up the paint and no one will ever know there were supposed to be doors on those cabinets. At least, that's what I'm deluding myself with. We decided to remove the doors on the other set because it just looked lopsided otherwise. And very much like someone just forgot to put the doors back up.

My original de-cluttering idea was to box up non-frequently used items but turns out I was much more successful at actually throwing things away than I had thought I would be! My long suffering husband endured multiple rounds of, "What is this? Have we used it in the past three years? Seriously? You're asking me to keep it? Really? That's what I thought. Trash." He loves me.

And the girl? Soaked her first three pairs of underpants but then she got it! A little dribble and she'd go running for the potty. It took us almost two years before we had consistent success with her brother. I don't ask for much...but I'd like for her to be out of diapers in less than two years. Considering the success so far, I don't think we'll be anywhere close to that! Sweet. We could use something going smoothly for a change!


thatladybug said...

I had to wait 3 years with both girls before they were out of diapers. I told them they owe me for an extra year of pain and suffering. lol.

AmyLoopers said...

WOO HOO! Here's to hoping it will be brief! Get it? Brief? Never mind. Still drinking my coffee... :)

Kate said...

Hooray for peeing in the potty!! YAY!! We're working on that too. Good luck!!!!