Friday, February 5, 2010

When re-enforcements can't come to you...

...then you find your way to re-enforcements.

Weekend forecast...Not Sunny. Lots of that cold white stuff...again. Husband working
all weekend...again. What's a Mama Llama to do?

Load everybody up in the 4x4, pile in the Legos, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, books, movies and kiddo snacks and head out to find grandparents.

Of course, they live west of us. West being closer to the mountains. Over the line on the radar screen that was dividing the 10-20 inches of snow and the mere 5-8 inches...though, honestly, does it matter? So, yes, I loaded up my children and headed straight into the snow storm. Insane? Maybe. But genius insane.

Because Kokoo made pancakes for everyone this morning. And Babu exercised his culinary skills with baked tilapia for supper. And in between there was play time with both...coloring, mass Lego construction, reading, puzzles...

and best of all...sledding, sledding and more sledding.

Now...little ones are snoozing the deep snooze of little ones who have played hard all day. And I'm looking up the weather for tomorrow which basically is saying second verse, same as the first.

Even though we've all missed Sean and most likely won't see him for a couple more days, I'm not faced with the stressful knowledge of being snowed in and horribly outnumbered. And then, when we're all back together we can be together without one of us (me) venting on the other (him) and pissing the other one (him) off. We've tried being married that way and it didn't work out so well. I think that's what this whole "happily ever after" crap is about...the flexibility and the ability to say, "Yes, this could be sucky. But I won't let it. So there. Go be sucky somewhere else."

And that probably explains why I was advised to forgo the psychology major...apparently I already knew all of the highly technical terms and they realized they had nothing more to teach me.


Cop Mama said...

This is such a cool post, I love how the pictures tell the story! BTW, your kiddos are way adorable in the jammies!

Hope the snow lets up for ya and your hubby is safe back home!

MissKris said...

And a very good time was had by all, or so it appears! I heard with half-an-ear from the dining room last nite when Dear Hubby had The Weather Channel on that your part of the country was getting hammered again. We had an absolutely GLORIOUS false-Spring day today...almost 60 and gorgeous blue skies. Now, I can get USED to that, haha! A few days next week look the same. Come on, Spring!!!!

Natalie said...

Fun post! And I've been considering using the grandparents tomorrow as the hubby works nights to give me a bit of a break and let them have some new(er) faces to look at.

I LOVE your explanation on not choosing psychology as your major. I decided it wasn't for me after failing nearly every test in my psych 101 class and decided their opinions didn't match with mine so I chose history instead.

Marit said...

Smile :-)
Love your down to earth wisdom!!

Anita said...

I have one of those MIA at work husbands too. When the kids were young, it was hard. Still is sometimes, but better.
My mom used to tell me, better a workaholic than an alcholic, or some other holic. :)

You're a good psychologist.

The kids are so cute in their jammies. :)

Dori said...

How can I complain when my day started with me sleeping in? Apparently the little ones were very worn out!

My mom just realized that they're actually going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks so she's loving the grandkid time. I'm actually getting a book read...and that's just crazy!

Kris, I know we'll have spring here soon. I just can't complain about all of this snow--my children are having a blast!

Natalie...I ended up a theater major and finally graduated in communications. Almost just as worthless as a psych degree. :)

I love the footie jammies...I was sad when my son moved into underwear and stopped wearing the footies--easier to get off for "gotta go potty NOW" moments. And, um...notice the police cars on Jacob's jammies? :)

Anita, hope the snow isn't piling up too high on your side of town! And that your girls are finding ways to ward off cabin fever! I'm hoping to be able to drive home tomorrow afternoon...we'll see.

Suburbia said...

I used to retreat to my mums when mine were little and in those sort of circumstances and always had a fab time. I've been there today in fact, it always works wonders, something to do with the ratio of adults to kids I think!!!

Glad you had a good time :)